Uber Driver Income 2019 (Hong Kong): Calculating Uber Drivers Salary In HK


Wondering what is Uber driver salary in Hong Kong?

Uber promises drivers a Monthly Minimum Salary Guarantee:
Part-Time (~120 Hours) Uber Driver salary is around 35,000HK$
Full-Time (~160 Hours) Uber Driver salary is around 52,000HK$

You need to keep in mind those are only gross salaries!
The actual Uber driver income in Hong Kong depends on his expenses.

If you are thinking of becoming a driver yourself, and would like to know:

What is Uber driver income in Hong Kong (after expenses)?
And how and when Uber pays drivers salaries?

This guide is perfect for you!

I get asked a lot about this by the members of CashDrive Community.

So we decided to give this a well-researched answers.

Instead of getting an income estimate by interviewing active drivers about their salary, expenses and working hours. We calculated all components of the driver’s salary and income separately. 

This way after reading this guide and before jumping behind the wheel of an Uber car, you’ll be able to make your own estimates on how much you could make as Uber driver in HK. 

Therefore, make better-educated decision about giving Uber a try.

Here are the topics we researched for our calculation:

Introducing Uber’s Business Model – How and When Drivers Get Paid?

Uber Ride Fares & Surge Pricing (Hong Kong) – Uber Drivers Salary in HK

Uber Driver Costs In Hong Kong – HK Uber Drivers Expenses

Uber’s Monthly Income Guarantee and Promotions

Conclusion: Uber Driver Income In Hong Kong (2019)  H

Uber’s Business Model – How And When Drivers Get Paid?

Uber’s business model is simple, a passanger uses Uber’s app to order a ride from point A to point B, while nearby Uber driver accepts the ride.

The rides price is
dynamically pre-determined and the customer pays automatically throw Uber’s app via credit card, after arriving to his destination
The payment goes directly to Uber, and after charging a fee of 25% from the total ride fare, Uber will accumulate the rest (75%) in your virtual driver account
Until payed directly to your bank account or via check at the beginning of each week. Yes, Uber drivers salary is paid once a week, every week.
Other costs and expenses like fuel, parking, cleaning and more are under the sole responsibility of the driver.
Now that we got the basics covered, let’s dive into the numbers.

Uber Ride Fares & Surge Pricing (Hong Kong) - Uber Driver Salary In HK

As an Uber driver you are a business on wheels. 

As any other business you need revenue and in this case the revenue comes from driving pepole around, while the amount you get for each ride (Ride Fare) determined by Uber’s app.

Uber’s dynamic pricing system calculates unique fare every time passenger orders a ride via the app.

As a driver, you want the fare price to be higher, so your cut is bigger.

Knowing what the factors that influence Uber’s pricing, will help new driver calculate their potential salary, while provide active drivers the ability to maximize their income.

To shed some light on this subject, we contacted Uber HK team to get you the information we could not find anywhere online. 

You’re welcome 🙂 


The minimum total fare per ride is 40HK$ and as you can see,
the base fare and fees will change according to the rides location and type of car.

In addition, there is surge pricing which raises the fare when driving during rush hours (we’ll discuss this later in this guide).

At first it may look like it is always more profitable to drive in HK Island or Kowloon area, yet this is not always the case. The traffic in those locations can be jammed and slower than the traffic in new territories.

According to Hong Kong’s Transport Department,
the average driving speed in HK by area:

HK Island & Kowloon – 21 Kilometers per hour 
New Territories – 38.3 Kilometers per hour

Here’s an example of how UberX ride fare will look for a 10 kilometer ride:

HK Island & Kowloon 10 KM Ride Fare Calculation:
10 km ride will take around 28 minutes to complete,
base fee 18$ + fee per km 55$ + fee per min 30$ + Booking Fee 5$
Total ride fare = 108HK$ For 28 minutes.

New Territory 10 KM Ride Fare Calculation:
10 km ride will take around 15 minutes to complete,
base fee 7$ + fee per km 50$ + fee per min 15$ + Booking Fee 5$
Total ride fare = 77HK$ For 15 minutes.

Even duo the fare per ride in HK Island and Kowloon is higher,
It will take you much more time to drive the same distance!

And as an Uber driver, time equals money.

Do you think this principle aplies to the type of car used?
Does driving UberBlack car will always be more profitable then UberX?

Not necessarily! Yes, you will earn higher rates…But as you’ll see later in this guide your costs will be higher too.

For more information about types of Uber cars checkout our;
What’s The Diffrance Between UberX / UberAssist / UberXL / UberBlack Which Is Better For You?

Uber Surge Pricing


Uber Driver Costs In Hong Kong - HK Uber Driver Expenses

Until now we discussed only Uber drivers salary.

To calculate the actual Uber driver income in Hong Kong we need to consider the drivers expensess as well. 

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