Uber Driver Requirements 2019 (Hong Kong) – Do You Qualify To Drive For Uber In HK?

In those chaotic times for Hong Kong, we cannot blame you for considering making extra money as HK Uber driver.

Actually the total number of Uber drivers in Hong Kong accedes 30,000 drivers, making up to 52,000$ in monthly income guarantee. 

Don’t own a car? You can rent qualified Uber cars in HK:
Your ultimate guide for renting Uber vehicles/cars in Hong Kong

However, not every person would meet Uber’s driver requirements in HK, to become a qualified Uber driver.

So before, you jump into the driving sit of an Uber car, you should check if you qualify for Uber’s driver requirements in HK.

This guide is your first step towards Uber riches, you’ll find out:

This page covers the HK Uber driver requirements for UberX, UberXL, UberBlack. Those services allow drivers without a commercial license or commercial insurance to make money driving Uber passengers around Hong Kong.

Uber Driver Requirements 2019 (Hong Kong)

Not sure if your car qualifies for Uber? Checkout our article:
Uber vehicle requirements 2019 (HK) – Do your car qualified for Uber?

Don’t own a car? You can rent qualified Uber vehicles in HK:
Your ultimate guide for renting Uber vehicles/cars in Hong Kong (2019)

Uber Driver Sign In Process - How to Register, Apply & Sign Up to Become Uber Driver

The only way to know for sure, if you’ll be approved when applying to become an HK Uber driver, Is to start the signing in process and see if Uber approves your application.

You don’t need access to a car to get approved as a new driver by Uber. And even after you get approved you don’t have to own a car to start making money, you can just easily rent one.
Your ultimate guide for renting Uber vehicles/cars in Hong Kong 

Only after approved as Uber driver, you can go throw the process of renting a car and arranging insurance documentation. This could save you a lot of time and money, in case you are not approved as Uber driver.

It will take you only around 2 minute to sign up as a new driver and will require you to sign in with your: name, email and city.

And the Uber driver approval time will be around 1-3 days.

During this time Uber will process your application and run a background and driving record check on you, so they can decide whether to approve you as a driver or not.

Find how much money you can make as uber driver in HK:
Hong Kong Uber Driver Income (2019) – Calculating Uber Driver Salary

Uber Driver Invite Code 2019 – Promotions

Sign up today to become an Uber driver in Hong Kong,
Use CashDrive-HK Uber driver invite code (2019) – n2vk1xwgv and get:

– 4,000$ bonus for your first ride. 
– Earn minimum of 52,000$ in your first month.
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– Up to 30% Shell’s fuel discounts.
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Still have question about Uber driver requirements in Hong Kong?

Let us know in the comment below.

We promise to help.

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